Henrik Jespersen
Soundartist - Instant Composer - Composer
Born in Denmark 12 04 39 .

Educated at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus 1968.
Worked with etnic music together with children for 17 years in Århus Friskole, Denmark.

Worked as professional composer and musician since 1987.

Preference to the spiritual univers: Zen, Tao, Hatha, The Now.

Composed and played for :

- dance and theater groups:

88-89 Boxiganga
92-93 Terpsichore
95 Granhøj Dance
95 The Royal Danish Ballet
96 Theater Mu, Noh Opera with Miyoko Kataoka
97-98 Theater Mu, Cleopatra with Miyoko Kataoka
97 Theatre Muchon, Oedipus with Kim Ara, Korea
98 Theatre Muchon, Oedipus, Berlin, Germany
99 Dance project”Lonely Woman”, Mr. Choe, Korea
00 Terpsichore, Mellem Rum

- music groups - and musicians:

83-87 ISCB
85 Breath
87-90 Hunk Ai
89-00 Tundra
89 Peter Brøtzmann , Germany
90 Pierre Dørge, Denmark
92-03 Duo Resonante
93 Tundra, México
96 Charli Morrow , USA
96 Mr. Lim Dong Chang, Korea
96 Mr Jang Sa Ik, Korea
97 Kim Ara, Korea
97 Andrés King Cobos, México
98 Ko de Regt, Numus, Denmark
99 Duo Resonante, Italy
01 Duo Resonante, México
02 Duo Resonante, Brazil
02 Duo Resonante, EU Festival México
03 Thierry Boisdon

Economic support and help from:

The Danish Music Council
The Danish Art Council
The Danish Institut of Electroacoustic Music, DIEM
The Danish Jazz -, Beat – Folkmusic Authors, DJBFA
The Danish Music Federatio,. DMF
The Danish Rock Council, ROSA
The Danish Informations Center, MIC

Discografi: LP - MC - CD - FILM:

Nico-Leg, Nico-Leg CBS 80647
Hunk Ai, Hunk Ai
Hunk Ai, Alene Hjemme
Records Quaterly Vol. 2 No. 2
Tundra, De 7 Årstider
Tundra, Beneath The Surface
Duo Gaia, Vannes et Femme
Dou Resonante, Strings in the Winds
Duo Resonante, Reflexions
Experimental music of Denmark 1994
Experimental music of Denmark 1996
Plastnoist, Upp Bara XL
Jane Winther, Bardo
Palle Granhøj, Bodyfluids (FILM)
Henrik Jespersen solo cd, "Silent Flute - gennem rum"
Duo Resonante, On The Seesaw


Ko de Regt
Obukano player – Composer
Born in Holland in 1944
Originally educated as pianoplayer and composer in Holland

67-70 concerts with:
Don Cherry
Det Lila Gardin (a.o. 2 tv productions)
John Tjicai’s Cadentia Nova Danica
Tv and radioproductions with Willem Breuker and Han Bennink

70-77 Back in Holland
Major compositions:
Op Weg (supported by the town Groningen)
Voorbijgangers ( supported by the Dutch Musiccouncil)
Theatre – dance compositions:
Frankenstein for theatregroup Genesius
Balletpiece for dancegroup NND

Own group KOCO around in Holland

78-79 Guest artist on Herning Højskole

ca.80 Finding and intensive studies on African lyre OBUKANO from Kenya

81-93 Concerts with:
Atlantis Transit (a.o. tv production)
Silk and Steel (tours in Tjecho Slovakia, USSR, Holland and Schweden)
Duo with guitarplayer Claus Pedersen

Århus År 2000 Morgen, nat og i morgen
Maskerne, Mesteren, Moren (supported by the Danish Art Council)
Skyggen (music to a history of H.C. Andersen)

93-95 Compositions for Granhøj Dance:
TKO with Silk and Steel (played live in a.o. Avignon, London and Denmark)
HHH for solo Obukano (played live in Iceland, Schweden, France and Denmark)
Fluids with Duo Resonante (tours in Denmark and Schweden)

V3 in a.o. Paris and Berlin
Tundra with extensive concert tour in Mexico
Duo Resonante (concert tours in France, Belgium, Spain , Mexico and Denmark)

96 Composition for dance:
Palle Granhøjs Obstruction Ultimatique with Tree (flamenco, boddhran and obukano) live performances in Estonia, Schwitserland, Italy, Schweden and Denmark)

Duo Resonante (Spain, Holland Germany and Denmark)
School concert tour with Tundra

97 Music for the dance film Bodyfluids with Duo Resonante
Touring with Obstruction Ultimatique inSchweden, Mexico and Denmark
Composition and concert of Fremdrift on NUMUS festival

Concert tours:
Tree in a.o. Estonia Jazzkaar festival
Duo Resonante in Holland, France, Korea and Mexico
Theatre performance Kim Ara’s Oedipus in Korea

98 Compositions and concert for NUMUS festival
Kim Ara’s Oedipus in Berlin
Tour with Duo Resonante in Italy
School concert tour with Duo Resonante

99 Re take of dance performance Obstruction Ultimatique a.o. in South Africa and Germany
Tours with Duo Resonante to Italy and Denmark
Concerts with kora player Basiru Suso

00-03 concert tours:
Duo Resonante festivals in Italy, Poland, Austria,Brasil, Eu festival in Mexico City
Concerts with Basiru Suso

Atlantis Transit – Tabor
Silk and Steel – Images of Music
V3 – Catchup Time
Tundra – De 7 Årstider
Tundra – Beneath the Surface
Duo Gaia – Vannes et sa Femme
Tree – Meeting of Worlds
Duo Resonante –Strings in the Winds
Duo Resonante – Reflections
Experimental Music of Denmark 1994
Experimental Music of Denmark 1996
Palle Granhøj – Bodyfluids (film)
The 25th Ninth World Music Release
Duo Resonante – On the SeeSaw