Danish/Dutch music group from Denmark.

Henrik Jespersen: electro acoustic flauto dulce alto and soprano sax.
Ko de Regt: obukano (bass lyre from Kenya).

After playing together in different groups and contexts since the beginning of the eighties in the Danish avantgarde surroundings Jespersen and de Regt decided to start to work as a duo in 1993.

The basis of the music is formulated by the obukano in its rhythms and phrases, over which Jespersen with his electro acoustic amplified saxophone and woodflute lays his layers of melodies and sounds.
From the beginning the duo decided not to make any restriction in their ways of playing, but play music from the heart using all the experiences they have built in their lives - a classical music theme can be played together with an ethnical, rhythmical development; a piece of Scandinavian folk music can transpose itself into an exiting jazz improvisation etc. The principle is that the music takes its starting point in the musical feelings from the moment, from where it can be developed in any direction. Its impossible to put this music in a base, but only to experience it.

Besides of making concerts the duo has made music for many different projects, both as composers and as musicians - a.o. for Palle Granhøjs dance-performance and movie "Bodyfluids", a piece for the Royal Danish Ballet, music for a Korean performance of "Ullysses" played both in Korea, Germany, Russia etc.

Since their start Duo Resonante has been on many international tours and so had concert tours in Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Korea and Mexico.
The duo has also performed on many festivals, both national and international - f.ex. NUMUS
festival in Denmark, Buskers festival in Ferrara (Italy), Jazzkaar in Estonia, Jazz around in Bruxelles , EU jazz festival in Mexico City and Oaxaca. Festivals in Colmurano and Martina Franca, Italy,
Ravenna (Jazzclub), Ravenna, Santa Sofia, Stigliano
1.Festival Internacional de Música e Espetáculo de rua da Bahia, Salvador, Brazil,
Buskers Festival in Wroclaw, Poland and Buskers Festival de Neuchátel, Schwitzerland,
México 2004 (Festival Tajin, Veracruz). Dance-Performance "Me and my Selfish", Copenhagen. Aarhus Festivalweek's opening-performance 2004 "Fra Aarhus til Eros" in Granhøj Dance regi, The Music House, Aarhus, Denmark. World Music Café "Karavanen" Aarhus. Dance-Performance "Tishma Tanz" Orléans, France. Festival in The Novosibirsk State Philhamonic Society, Sibiria, Russia with Thierry Boisdon (vocal and guitar). Festival "Da Cortile a Cortile", Bra, Italy.


Vannes et sa Femme - MC
Strings in the Winds - CD published with support of the Danish Music Counsel
Reflections - CD
2 sample CD's: “Experimental Music from Denmark”
Granhøj – Bodyfluids - Film
On The SeeSaw - CD
Supported by: DJBFA (The Danish Society for Jazz,
Rock and Folk
coposers), DMF (Danish Musician Union),
Koda's Collective Blank Tape
Aarhus Municipality Department of Cultur,
DIEM (Danish Institute for Electroacoustic Music)